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You all did so well with the No Child Left Behind naming contest that your ideas are being sought in another wisdom of bloggy crowds request: Name a new start-up in the entreprenurial education space. Some folks with extensive and diverse experience in our field are starting up a non-profit consulting organization to strengthen the current field of  organizations and individuals working to substantially improve outcomes for low-income kids. The organization will work on issues around leadership, strategic advising (internal and public strategy), executive search and placement, and idea and knowledge generation. It’ll be funded by a blend of fee-for-service work as well as grants from foundations.   

The criteria:  They need a name that conveys the values of the place and also something about what they do but is also crisp and clear. Sky is the limit on names except they don’t want one that’s taken in the education space (for instance by a local organization somewhere) or in other sectors, and an open url for it must be available. 

If your name is selected you will get a nifty prize.  A better prize than a book, but not as good as dinner with a former President.

Enter below in the comments section:

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  1. Pardon my snarkiness, but you say, “They need a name that conveys the values of the place and also something about what they do but is also crisp and clear.” After reading this post several times, I have no idea what they do. “Idea and knowledge generation?” Really?

    “School all clogged? Call the Idea Generators! We think stuff up!”

  2. SOES (Play on Socio-economic Status): Students Overcoming Economic Stumbling blocks

    PINS: Poverty Is Not Stronger (My Fave)

    IAMOSS: “I Am My Own Success Story” Acronym/Motto

  3. Sorry Mike, the snark doesn’t stick. This is essentially a consultancy, so being overly specific isn’t appropriate at this stage of development. This post defines the target market, the revenue model, and a general outline of services. That’s enough to start brainstorming names.

    Here are a few– I won’t do the google or domain research for you, but I’d suspect any combination of adding/deleting parts of the name could create an appropriate and unique .org domain.

    Streets to Scholars
    This Way Out
    Onward, Upward
    No Excuses Coalition/Alliance (I like stealing NEA)
    Overcoming Obstacles O2

    That’s my little brain dump.

  4. Recapturing the American Dream – simple and powerful. I’m not a big fan of RAD, but R.A.D. isn’t bad.

  5. EdStrat
    EduMcKinsey (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind)
    Justin (everyone’s naming everything Justin after your last contest)
    Stratedo (where’s the flag hidden?)
    Leadership in Education, Advice, and Knowledge (LEAK)

  6. Education Leadership Project/Alliance/Organization/Group (EduLead)
    Strategic Leadership Project
    Education Strategies (inc?)
    Education Leadership & Excellence Group

    Is the prize a job? If so… I’ll spend a lot of time thinking about this one.

  7. Leading Edge Partners

    1. It highlights the specialized focus on strategic leadership and executive searches.

    2. It’s a pun on the word “edge” (as in “education”). Consultants could be called “edgeucators”. It could be written as “Leading EDge”

    3. Along these lines, the name works in two ways, to mean both “Leading Education” and “Leading Edge”

    4. It’s easy to say and doesn’t rely on explaining the meaning of an acronymn.

    5. The phrase “leading edge” brands the group as innovative.

    6. The word “partners” brands the group as collaborative.

    6. According to, is available.

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