All In The Family!

A few months ago  Macke Raymond (ES board vice-chair) released a study on charter schools (pdf)  that got quite a bit of attention.  In late August Stanford economist Carline Hoxby launched a blast at the report (pdf) on methodological grounds. Now Raymond and her colleagues have responded (pdf).

At the time I had some concerns about the Raymond study (namely that it didn’t clearly delineate by institution type and didn’t fully present the results for students after several years in charter schools) and how the data were presented, but while the Hoxby – Raymond debate is good theater it doesn’t seem that the Hoxby critique has a material effect on the main gist of the Raymond findings.

But, Eric Hanushek takes the debate as an opportunity to weigh-in with a post on the Ed Next blog that’s well-worth reading and has some very useful perspective on all of this.

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