When Pigs Fly?

Some serious dissension inside the teachers’ union in Los Angeles:

During your presidency, Duffy, you’ve screamed for smaller class sizes, better working conditions, and higher salaries for your teachers, yet derided those public charters that offer all three. You’ve cited national statistics of poor charters to bury local statistics of excellent charters. You’ve labeled charters non-public and /or private, when in fact they’re neither. And while you never missed a chance to blast LAUSD’s wieldy, costly bureaucracy, you never seized one to commend Charter Management Organizations’ (CMOs) stream-lined, cost-efficient ones. In short, in your attempts to defend UTLA from a perceived attack on public education, you simultaneously contributed to that attack. Unfortunately, such hypocrisy in the leadership of a teachers’ union was untenable and doomed to fall of its own weight, as it most surely and resoundingly did on August 25.

Read the entire thing, ramifications beyond LA…

3 Replies to “When Pigs Fly?”

  1. Rhetorically powerful, yes. But do understand that the letter-writer is one among 350 representatives (kinda like being a state legislator in Rhode Island) and his views may be a distinct minority. Other UTLA members, including influential UTLA board members have pointedly questioned Duffy for years to little avail. I suspect Duffy will be calling Steve Barr a pigf—er from the UTLA president’s office for some years to come.

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