Leading The Way

This new doctoral program in education leadership that Harvard is offering is a big deal.*   It’s a signal for the field and should help multiply some talent that is out there and the composition of coursework is novel and a signal as well.  The HGSE Dean, Kathleen McCartney, deserves an awful lot of credit for pulling this one off.   Boston Globe here, AP here. *Disc – I’m on the visiting committee for the ed school there and helped on this so not just a bystander.

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  1. Funny–doesn’t feel so new. It raises lots of questions–Is the purpose of this “doctorate” learning or certification? Does it target people who want to learn and study and puzzle through the huge problems of schools or those who want to legitimate their ideas and solutions with the weight of a doctorate from Harvard? Could it be to bring in new funds to Harvard from a generous grant and to feed a growing ed reform industry?

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