Hide The Kids!

Per last week’s controversy, the Obama back-to-school speech has now been pre-released and if there is a criticism to level it’s that this uproar may have made them gun shy.   Pretty tepid stuff…the only risk to the nation’s young people is boredom.   Meanwhile, it makes the study guide* look all the more innocuous now that the context is crystal clear — helping the president, any president by the way, achieve these goals should occasion no controversy.  

Wish they’d held the line even more now…Upside is that conservatives will look especially stupid railing against this.

*Is the media CW that ‘this was all ridiculous but the study guide was a small mistake and it’s good that the Admin fixed it’ simply a fig leaf for some semblance of ‘balance?’  Let’s hope so.

Update:  Frist and Riley on the same at Politico.

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  1. Ah, but for we parents, much of the speech was extraordinarly invaluable. I keep playing for my kids over and over again that bit where the President tells American students that when they have a paper to write, they should write multiple drafts, not one. That’s a homerun for me that already paid off during the drive home from school. The only downside is that I didn’t have access to the computer and Eduwonk until my daughter finished the second draft of her English paper this evening. I will now think of the President as the English Teaching in Chief!

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