Friday Fish — Summer Round-Up

I let the summer fish pictures and fish porn pile up so today we’re going to clean out the cupboard before the weather gets cold.   No coldwater fish though, didn’t anyone catch trout this summer?

To start, here’s John Merrow’s granddaughter Valentina.  Seriously, take a kid fishing when you get the chance. 


And James Wilcox’s mom is back!    James is CEO at CA’s Aspire Public Schools.  Who can forget Big Red (before pic here and after pic here) caught by his mom?  Now, please meet Big Catty.  


And here’s  James’  daughter Simone.  Most states have a take a kid fishing day or weekend.  Do it.


Education consultant Todd Lamb caught this 4lb plus largemouth bass on the fly within the legal limits of Washington, D.C.  You’ll get no more geographic information than that:


 His dad’s is even bigger:


And finally it was a good summer here, too.  Here’s the Eduwife with a striped bass:


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