This Atlanta teachers’ union website is just too good not to link again.   Sara Mead thinks it could cause seizures.

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  1. Maybe I’m missing the joke, but I read this as serious:

    “Dr. Trotter Takes On U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan!
    By Dr. John Trotter

    [This small article originally appeared in the AJC’s Get School blog. This is Dr. Trotter response to the new Secretary of Education’s mandate to do a total overhaul of public education in American, blaming the problems on everyone except the students and the parents.]

    When it comes to the public schooling process, Duncan doesn’t know his rear end from deep center field. He doesn’t have a clue, and I don’t care what his position is. He apparently thinks that you can just demand and command improvement. He wants to replace everyone…except the ones who matter, the children. The children in these failing schools are essentially the problem. They are unmotivated and lazy. Now, Joy’s take on this is that they are dumb; my thinking is that they bring no motivation to learn to school each day. Yes, there are many incompetent and idiotic and mean administrators who need to go (but realize that they were promoted because they are sycophants). There are even some bad teachers (but these are really rare). The problem starts with the students. What is Duncan going to do with some so-called students who act like miscreants each day? (c) MACE, August 27, 2009.”

    Jarring to hear “educators” say that students are dumb and that “the problem starts with the students.” Wow…

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