Eduwonk Bends Under A Curve Of Links

I worry on Twitter.  If those Rasmussen job approval numbers are even in the ballpark, it’s going to get harder on ed reform not easier.  Reformers should remember that an army of editorial writers is still not an army.

Old worry:   Vouchers for special education will lead to increased identification of special education students(pdf).   New worry?  Schools will resist identifying kids for special education when vouchers are in the equation. 

Target Corporation wants kids to take field trips despite the economy.  Sherman Dorn goes Third Way and wants a Bayesian model for combining outcome data and professional judgement in teacher evaluations.  Good thing, we need some new models since Sawchuk is busy busting the over-selling of the results of peer review!  And SIIA frets that Duncan et al are aiming too low with Race to the Top.

If you haven’t seen this Howard Fuller speech on charters, check it out.  Likewise, check out what California Charter School Association’s Jed Wallace is up to on charter school quality.

Two Edujobs:   Internships at D.C. Public Schools continue to be competitive and popular and the quality of interns is high.  So hurry up and apply if you’re interested.   Achieve needs a director of state policy and state development, that will be a hot job considering everything going down right now.

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