Democrats Divide?

Alan Borsuk turns in a must-read:

On some level, everyone is in favor of education reform. Everyone wants things to get better.

But where does that lead?

The way Democrats wrestle with that question and who prevails in the next few months will show the destination, at least when it comes to Democrats.

3 Replies to “Democrats Divide?”

  1. I cannot help but be filled with hope because of the brilliant way Secretary Duncan has handled conversations about Race to the Top. Someday we’ll look back at what we will accomplish over the next two years as a baseline, not a ceiling, and Democrats will have reclaimed civil rights as an issue they have always championed.

  2. I’m not sure that the article says much of anything. I’m very concerned that the “reform” side of this seems to be about doing thing just say they are doing things and so they can brag about taking on the unions.

  3. What does it mean to be a Democrat on education reform?

    “Almost all of the people on both sides are Democrats.”

    Meaning the Republicans have ducked out now, and are letting the Dems bicker among themselves. This fact is far more significant, than the fact that Dems are divided.

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