Bill Cahir Memorial Fund

As you may know, especially if you’re based in Washington, Bill Cahir was killed in action in Afghanistan last month.   Bill was one of those people with a restless sensibility about making the world better than it is.  He wrote for Ed Daily and Newhouse among other publications and worked for the education committee in the Senate.  That was before he enlisted in the Marines in the wake of the 2001 attacks and completed two tours of duty in Iraq prior to his deployment in Afghanistan.    Bill also ran for Congress.   And he did all those things for selfless reasons.

Bill’s wife is expecting their twins at the end of this year and a memorial fund has been established to assist them.  Please visit and consider making a contribution online  or via mail at the Bill Cahir Memorial Fund c/o Burke and Herbert Bank, P.O. Box 268, Alexandria, VA 22313.

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