New poll: Folks still don’t know what charters are, but more like ’em.  

How Should Students Be Prepared For College?  “There is one straightforward change that policymakers in every state could make to help improve not only college readiness but more general post-secondary readiness as well:  Make the college prep curriculum the default curriculum for all students…”   

Finally, per Ted Kennedy’s passing, this.  

~  Guestblogger Mike Goldstein

4 Replies to “Roundup”

  1. Instead of a college prep curriculum, how about a course of study that prepares students for whatever they take on next. By this, I don’t mean specific training for nursing, truck driving, accounting, or even college. What I refer to is a curriculum that focuses on reading, discussion, analyzing, problem-solving and writing. Different schools could use the topics of their choice to address these abilities that are important to all.

    We need to stop pretending that the college-prep curriculum is really important to one’s life – most don’t need calculus, chemistry, or French for their future success. What they do need to know is how to write, solve problems, and carry on a thoughtful and respectful conversation. If students learn calculus, chemistry, French, or even a little auto mechanics in the process, that’s great too.

  2. Andrew: I would think a college prep curriculum would encompass what you recommend. You can’t learn calculus without problem-solving, chemistry without analyzing, or French without reading, writing, and discussion. A good curriculum in general will focus on bettering those skills.

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