Panic! Averted…

Before  you panic over the Petrilli-Loveless Times op-ed on the plight of high achieving students be sure to check out Patte Barth’s take.  In addition to Patte’s points, there is also the issue that a lot of this concern is based on an unknowable counterfactual:  What might have happened for these students absent No Child Left Behind?  Given what we know about the capacity of the system today and its past performance my guess would be not as much as people might think…

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  1. The key problem here is taking anything that Petrilli is involved with at face value.
    How many positions has he had on NCLB so far? I lost track.

    Is he still going around saying that Bush introduced an ESEA reauth bill that was 20 pp. long, even though he knows it was a set of talking points? Probably.

    Is he still for lifting caps on charter schools? Was, right up until Duncan made it a priority for discretionary funding (which Petrilli misleadingly portrays as somehow mandatory).

    etc. etc.

    Sorry to be so rude. But enough’s enough.

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