Chairman Dodd?

In yesterday’s Boston Globe, an ailing Senator Kennedy is planning for succession, hoping to change the law so that Dems hold at 60.  The edu-angle is Senator Chris Dodd would become chairman of the Senate Education committee.   

He hasn’t been on the national edu-radar that much.   Chime in the comments if you’re in the know.  My sense is that vis a vis Obama, Dodd perhaps likes the national standards push, but probably tepid on charters, turnarounds, merit pay.  His sister is an elementary teacher (she’s blind). 

And at least back in 1998, he’s been willing to ask some hard questions about the sustainability of special education funding.  

Guestblogger Mike Goldstein

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  1. A wise colleague mentioned: Dodd is already chair of Banking. Would he give that up? He’s been dogged by his own banking issues, so maybe it’d be a healthy exit.

    Next in line: Tom Harkin. He’s chair of ag. Hmm. Would he want to leave that?

    Finally: Barbara Mikulski. She’s big on math/science.

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