They Don’t Want Drama…They Want Vince!

So this “secret” job fair scandal in Chicago is amusing.   But isn’t the understory here the fact that districts go to great lengths like this to try to hire talent?  I’m pretty sure (though not 100 percent and too lazy to check late on a Friday)* that Chicago has a cap on salaries in their contract for credit for previous teaching experience so hiring newbies isn’t a huge cost-saver relative to other potential hires because the differentials are smaller.

In any event, overall in districts with bumping rules and strict seniority provisions the amount of gaming that goes on is stunning.  The good principals and administrators are like little Ari Golds, wheeling and dealing…

*Update:  Yup, it’s still in there, full contract here (pdf).  By the way, this provision, in essence a salary cap at the third step on the salary schedule, is a good example of how not every ridiculous provision in teachers’ contracts is there at the behest of the union.

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