I am so much more down with Bill Gates on this issue than I am on this one.  We don’t need lousy schools but, as bad as they can be, doesn’t the earth actually need hurricanes?

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  1. Agreed. Educating underprivileged kids is a noble, attainable, reasonable and necessary goal. Trying to stop hurricanes seems more like playing God. And if the technology does work, the political pressure to use it will be very strong – and given the likely cost of using it, that could mean a massive diversion of resources away from schools and social programs.

  2. I agree with what Ryan mentioned about not ‘playing god’. Then again, if I was a hurricane survivor, Imight have a totally different opinion regarding that. There is always a diversion of resources from schools etc… at least in this case the diversion of resources will be going into another good cause.

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