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  1. I think you are confounding the byproduct with the intended outcome; I think pieces like this (and everything associated with it) are exactly the intended outcome.

  2. The real test is whether the RttT funds will be enough of a carrot to get Washington state legislators to act. I kind of doubt it. So far the attitude seems to be: we’re so far out of the game there’s no point in expending political capital to pass controversial bills. While others race the top we’ll slowly drift to the bottom. WA state legislators will likely continue to ignore public shaming like this until the feds create real consequences for states that have no plan for fixing their low performing schools. ESEA reauth. needs to contemplate this.

  3. Having lived and worked in WA for many years, I think the main issue has always been that schools are in pretty good shape. WA shows up in the middle or just above on most rankings of things educational and as long as that continues, so will the “hands off our schools” approach to governing.

    What’s interesting about Duncan’s Race to the Top is that he doesn’t have enough money to spend to launch anyone on a plan that will change their performance relative to other states. In WA’s case, it would have to slip down into the 40s nationwide before anyone would notice. Being roughly 25th at just about everything feels fine to most folks.

    You also have to keep in mind where the capitol is. It’s in Olympia, on the prosperous and populated and progressive west side of the state. Schools on that side of the mountains do much better than their eastern counterparts, so no one in the area feels the pressure of competition directly. Also, the eastern half of the state is highly republican and wants as little to do with the government as possible.

  4. Plus, it’s the News Tribune. When they’re not complaining about Tacoma’s superintendent they’re complaining about everything else instead. That they would write this editorial isn’t a surprise.

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