It’s All About The Kids!

Per this post from the other day, this episode in Baltimore seems more Chanin than Weingarten?

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  1. I am in agreement with your statement “It’s All About The kids” they are our leaders for the future and it is very important that as professionals we cater to all their needs.

  2. This article was very interesting to me as I live right near Baltimore and actually did some of my student teaching in Balitmore County and Baltimore City Public Schools. I did not realize that the teachers at the charter schools were being paid less. While reading the article it seemed like the teachers went beyond their adimistrators and went to union reps without telling or with telling their administrators that they were not bothered by their current pay rate. I am surprised that the administrators seemed so surprised by this. I was also shocked at the statement “The Maryland law is one of the weakest in the nation,” made by Stokes, a former city school board member. I work for a Maryland public school and in the county I work for there are very high standards we are held accountable to. I found this article to be very interesting; if anyone knows of any additional information about this please let me know!

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