I’m one of the guest bloggers this week: Curt Johnson, managing partner of the policy group Education|Evolving. Based in Minnesota but operating nationally, we work mainly on the design of state policies for K–12.

We are a bit unusual. We’re mainly defined by what we’re not: not partisan, not academic, not governmental and not commercial (meaning that we don’t work for clients on contract). We’re analysts and advocates . . . with a particular bent for stepping outside the current/conventional framework. As an example: the chartering idea, the suggestion that there can be more than one entity offering public education in a community, which pretty much started in Minnesota. That was outside the ‘givens’ at the time.

Through the week we’ll invite comment on our various puzzlements about the accepted framework of the current K-12 policy discussion. The ‘we’ will include Joe Graba, Ted Kolderie, Jon Schroeder, Kim Farris-Berg, Bob Wedl, Lars Johnson, Mary K. Boyd, Dan Loritz, Ed Dirkswager, Tim McDonald; perhaps others.

We’re more fully identified—and explained—on Education|Evolving’s Web site. Also find us on Facebook.

—Guestblogger Curt Johnson, Education|Evolving

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