Health Care & NCLB

Despite the off-again and on-again nature of the health care debate right now, it still seems that politically No Child Left Behind reauthorization is inversely related to any health care bill.  If health care doesn’t pass, vulnerable incumbents, especially Dem incumbents, will be eager to see some bills – like education – passed that they can run on next fall.   If health care does pass it’s a big accomplishment and while it doesn’t mean No Child Left Behind reauthorization is dead by any means, it lessens the urgency – particularly in light of Race to the Top and all the action there. 

Also, smart WaPo editorial on Race to the Top this morning, with a health care angle tucked in…

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  1. God love the US Congress. They’re gonna drive up taxes and drop our salaries. What do you think businesses are gonna do when employee expenditures increase?

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