Door Number 2?

Turns out that new House Education and Labor Committee ranking Republican John Kline may have some strong views on education after all…If this is for real, it will make things harder not easier on the education side of the committee…In other words, the Republicans may be choosing option #2 in the House.  That could leave a weak center to support reform…

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  1. What I like the most about this article is that Kline’s views are coming from the increase in complaints from educators and parents. I like that he is actually being a representative and listening to the views of the people who elected him. I think that he has a point, though. I think that No Child Left Behind should be relooked at. I don’t disagree with the tests, but I do think that the unrealistic goal of 100% proficient is extreme. I also think it needs to look at how testing modifications are made, or rather not made, for special ed students. I think that Bush tried hard with this plan, but like all new ideas, they do need to be looked at again after a while and adjustments need to be made.
    I am concerned about Obama’s thoughts of making the test harder. I am curious as to why he wants to do this and what his reasoning is behind it. If their goal is 100 % proficient in the next 4 years, then I assume he realizes that is will be unattainable for sure. I also wonder, is he just going to make the test harder without giving any insight to the rest of the test and its attributes? Is he not going to look into any other part of it? I can’t see someone changing the test without taking into consideration the other issues at hand, especially one that has received much controversy through the education world.

  2. I too am concerned about Obama’s thoughts of making the test more challenging. It would be a shame to increase the difficulty of the tests without looking at the many facets that surround test preparation.

    As a special educator teacher, I do believe that modifications and accommodations need to be looked at closely in regards to testing. I often feel these tests are created without the special education student considered. If a child has a disability, it is not going to go away on test day.

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