Two That Got Away?

At the DLC’s policy forum this morning White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel made a point of mentioning the President’s support for innovating with pay-for-performance for teachers as part of a lively talk on the imperative of fixing health care and education.  Keep hearing how Obama doesn’t really mean pay for performance but sure seems he does…

And TNR’s Darby turns in a interesting  and pretty thorough look at where the national standards issue is right now.  But it was buried too quickly by other content on TNR’s blog, check it out.

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  1. “You’ll get standards that are impossible to teach,” says Andrew Rotherham of Education Sector (who has an interesting post about the standards push here). “It’s the mush that is ineffective.”

    You are exactly right. I support standards; why not when most reformers do? But for real world situations you need some sort of “power standards” or a minimum of concepts that can be taught.

    What’s standing in the way? politics with a little p. Real world, who will go on the record and say that other standards are important but its impractical to try to cover them all.

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