Peanut Butter Goes Big Time!

A popular education policy parlor game right now is trying to discern how many states the Department of Education will have to include in the “Race to the Top” funds to make the initiative politically palatable without spreading the money like “peanut butter” across the states.    The concern about spreading federal education money around too much is an old one, but the specific “peanut butter” meme is one of those things you wake up one day and suddenly everyone is saying.    Now, Jonathan Alter takes peanut butter national in a Newsweek column on the innovation funds.

Update:  PB spreads.

One Reply to “Peanut Butter Goes Big Time!”

  1. Whenever somebody mentions peanut butter in the same context as schools, I get a little nervous. I mean, so many kids are allergic to this kind of thing. I wonder if there’s allergic reaction to be found in Arne Duncan’s “Race to the Top”? And why is a “happy face” slogan always the first thing these guys think of?

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