Etymology Of A Pig Fu**ing

So a while ago Green Dot Founder Steve Barr introduced “pig fuc*er” into the education vernacular. It caused a splash at the time and got some attention on this blog, natch. But since then things have been pretty quiet on the pig fornication front.

So there was some surprise when “pig fuc*er” showed up again, in of all places within the august pages of The New Yorker and from of all people the well-mannered Ted Mitchell of NSVF (who I can’t imagine has ever cast a lustful eye toward anything more porcine than apple smoked bacon).

But what’s interesting here is how, like the children’s game of telephone, what Barr said has mutated from a point he was making about evidence to him seemingly calling the head of LA’s powerful teachers’ union a “pig fu**er” (although The New Yorker noted the distinction).  That may mean that ideas like pig fu**ing just don’t travel well or perhaps it says something about the zeitgeist of the moment?

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  1. Has the CDC looked into this? Any connection to H1N1? Could be the missing link between health care reform and education reform.

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