One For The Border!

When I wrote recently that the education reform movement hadn’t been strategic about using symbols and symbolism, well a gordita or chicken soft taco wasn’t really what I had in mind…but hey, whatever it takes!  The graduation rate issue is a huge national problem still not recognized by our politics.

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  1. Regarding graduation rates:

    I teach HS science (mix of 10th and 1th graders) here in Texas. I’ve noticed that no one ever seems to drop out anymore. At least that’s never what its called.

    I’ve had about 15 students leave my classes this year. Some left because their parents or guardians moved to a new district. That’s normal. But I’ve had at least 6 or 7 students who were “withdrawn for home schooling” Got no idea what the actual truth is, but I suspect that few of those kids are actually being home schooled. More likely they’re working full time.

    Gotta wonder if the school district gets some statistical advantage to listing dropouts as withdrawn for home schooling rather than just as dropouts.

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