It’s All About The Schools!

Not surprisingly given his pedigree as a school superintendent US Senator Michael Bennet is planning to do some education work in the Senate.   But the idea that an off-committee senator putting together an education bill is really novel isn’t quite accurate.  Check out Elizabeth DeBray’s book and Patrick McGuinn’s book for some backstory on the last reauthorization.   Non-committee senators ended up on the conference committee during that go round.  Isn’t the real story why freshmen Dems in both chambers were not clamoring to be on the education committees?

Over at NPR Claudio Sanchez looks at education 100 days in to the new administration.  But Claudio may be the only one who cares?  If there was an education question at the presser last night I missed it… Also from NPR, guess it’s going to be easier to get upgrades on flights to all these edumeetings over the next few months…

And I don’t like to start rumors, but per the great debate, which is tonight, a source says she saw Leo Casey taping a roll of dimes into Randi Weingarten’s fist about an hour ago…

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