He Makes His Stand…In The Auditorium?

Not a lot to say about this sad situation in New York last Friday where a teacher barricaded himself in a school for several hours saying he had a bomb after learning he was facing some disciplinary action for allegedly striking a student.  But, this quote toward the end of the Times story is Onion-worthy:

“It’s blown out of proportion; he was just trying to make a stand for himself.”   — The president of the school’s Parents Association, Doris Escalera…


2 Replies to “He Makes His Stand…In The Auditorium?”

  1. As bizarre as the situation is, I love that the president of the teacher’s union effectively said that teachers sacrifice their right to publish works with adult themes, even in a way completely separate from their professional responsibilities. If the unions are willing to throw away rights in an attempt to distance themselves from a single teacher…what do they even exist for?

  2. Wow, this is truly a bizarre situation. There’ s so much that can be learned from it and I was glad to see it posted, I had no idea. In line with the comment above, I do believe there is an over-protectionism when it comes to working with children and young people to the point that we deny that teachers even have a sexuality or other adult impulses. Granted, I have no idea what was on this guy’s website and I am not defending teachers who are in some public way into very deviant forms of adult behavior, but I think we can draw a very sensible line that is much more inclusive than it is already.

    It sounds like the actions of an eccentric, desperate man. My sympathies, perhaps it was his Alamo of sorts, but stick a fork in him. He’s done.

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