Boom And Bust!

I’m still pretty young but I lived through stock market bubbles, housing bubbles, and now more than one teacher shortage bubble…

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  1. It is beginning to a big issue in many areas. Our district is being hit hard this year and in the coming years. I work at an elementary school where we will lose possibly 9 teachers in the coming three years. We have a staff of 50. This is going to be huge for us. Four of them will be gone next year. It is frightening to see coming on. They are great teachers, I know, they will probably be replaced by great teachers. However, with the pressure being put on teachers and districts to pass proficiency tests, this may be an issue. Hopefully some experienced teachers will be hired to fill those positions.

  2. This all strikes me as so ridiculous. I am one of the over 27,000 teachers in the State of California who is holding a pink slip after 3 years in the field. It’s my understanding that the state spent $200,000 on new teacher training for me in my first two years. If I really don’t have a job next year, I will leave the field. I changed careers midlife because I wanted to make a difference, so I can do other things. Quite frankly, I don’t need this.

    This is happening all over the country. Talk about penny wise and pound foolish! In a few years, CA will be spending more money on new teacher recruitment and training than they saved through lay-offs. And in the meantime, how many careers down the tubes?

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