The Randi Reader

Someone could publish one!  In the last week Richard Whitmire and I wrote in TNR about the challenge Weingarten faces, Nicholas Kristof looked at Weingarten nemisis Michelle Rhee in The Times over the weekend, and today Dana Goldstein takes a long and must-read look at Weingarten and her challenge in TAP.

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  1. She’s the new Goldstein Gone Wild!

    Great article.

    My only quibble: “Rhee…founder of the anti-union New Teacher Project.”

    That makes it sound as if the mission of NTP is to fight the union.

    NTP, among other things, puts out data that often shows poor kids getting short-changed by various policies.

    Doesn’t that make them pro-kid?

    Is Andy Stern head of the “anti-business” SEIU? I don’t think so.

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