The First Rule Of Fight Club Is Huh?

Aside from the obvious, there is a lot of weird in this Times story about the alleged staged student fights at a Dallas school.

[The principal], 56, is a former Dallas police officer who once lied about being kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint to get out of work, for which he was placed on administrative leave. 


The district uncovered the cage-fight accusations while investigating a scandal that forced South Oak Cliff to relinquish its 2005 and 2006 state boys basketball championship titles.

Of course.

A school-based fight club runs counter to the last decade or more of research into school discipline, said Dr. Russ Skiba, who directed the Safe and Responsive Schools Project at Indiana University.   “We’ve found over time that those types of strategies just don’t work,” Dr. Skiba said. “They are more likely to encourage aggression than to solve it.”

Good to know we spent a decade or more figuring that out…

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