Oxen Update

Over at the Columbia Journalism Review Daniel Luzer takes on Dana Goldstein’s recent TAP story on Randi Weingarten.   Goldstein responds here.  Luzer’s a little too harsh on Goldstein’s article, but he does point up a real risk for reformers:  Namely that all this happy talk about how everyone is on board with reform now could lead to a superficial sense that things are changing or even some cosmetic changes when, in fact, not much actually changes for students in schools.  That, it seems, is a huge risk given both the history of this issue and the politics today, where there is a growing confluence of interests around appearing to reform without actually goring any oxen.

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  1. Things are far from the huge gains we hope for in our school system. No one should be hanging missions accomplished posters yet. They probably wont be even by 2012.

    To think that everyone is just lining up for whatever reformers offer is naive. Anyone who is around the blogosphere can see there is some real opposition out there. There are plenty who are so indoctrinated in the way things are they can’t see past all that to the way things can be.

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