One For The KIPPer!

The UFT responds to the latest in the back and forth with KIPP.  One quick reax:  If this whole thing becomes a debate about KIPP schools being able to dismiss teachers the union will most likely lose that one…

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  1. I accidently double posted this. Sorry.

    But if the following is correct, then the real issue is respect for the rule of law. So, if the following is correct, shouldn’t you take the lead in framing the issue in an accurate manner?

    “Like many state charter laws, New York State’s charter legislation allows district schools to become charter schools, but requires that when they do so, their teachers retain their collective bargaining rights. So the ‘at will’ employment status laid out in the letter was not simply an arbitrary and unreasonable policy: it was a clear violation of the rights of KIPP Academy teachers under the collective bargaining agreement. The UFT had a clear obligation, the duty of fair representation under labor law, to seek redress for the individual teacher and to ensure that other teachers not face similar denials of their rights.”

  2. It seems to me that the issue is not whether KIPP Academy can fire teachers, but whether it can fire its teachers “at any time, without notice” and “with or without cause, for any reason or for no reason.”

    That is an awfully important qualification that you passed over.

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