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Winners!  Please stop emailing about winners in the NCLB naming contest, they’ve been announced.

Charters!  This new study from RAND on charter schools is important (pdf).  Good analysis on several key questions across multiple states.   Has some implications around the paper Sara Mead and I did on state laws and characteristics (pdf) but the data there are still limited.

Clinton and charters!  Here’s a President Clinton speech from the other day (pdf). Interesting stuff on President Obama’s education speech, charter schools, and national standards.

Beating back the Breastapo!  In The Atlantic, Hanna Rosin takes on the breastfeeding question.  Larger parallels from her article to the “everybody knows” problem in the education debate.

New Ideas!  Got an eduidea you want to incubate?  Then consider a fellowship from the Mind Trust.  It’ll support you to support school improvement.

Old Idea:  Brett Pawlowski points out the dour forecast for ed finance (pdf).

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  1. “Beating Back the Breastapo” Hmmm, sounds similar to the faction touting that corn syrup’s fine in moderation. Also curious, no mention of the significant health benefits to the breastfeeding mother (lower risk of breast cancer).

  2. I’m really troubled by Eduwonk’s inclusion of “The Case Against Breastfeeding” in this blog (hmmm, why didn’t he want to include the actual title of the article??). That article is ridiculous and revolting. It’s fine to point out that research on breastfeeding effects is inconclusive or suggests minimal benefits (most ed research is like that too for the same reasons Rosin points out). It’s also fine to note that a gestapo culture around breastfeeding is unfair and hurtful. That’s been noted in many other places. But the real gist of this article seemed to be justifying Rosin’s own decision to limit breastfeeding by thumbing her nose at everyone around her. Which is juvenile and not worthy of mention.

    Still don’t get the connection to education… Something about an “everybody knows” problem? Like how everybody knows that eliminating teacher tenure will immediately lead to vast improvements in student achievement? Or how everybody knows charter schools are awesome and need to be vastly expanded?

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