School construction bonds are back via the stimulus bill.    They are in there in two forms:  QZAB bonds, which have been around for a while, and school modernization bonds.  Both work through tax credits and given where the markets are this may be a good approach right now although a longer-term approach would have been preferable.   Regardless, good a time as any to dust-off Sara Mead’s analysis of the QZABs and the promise and pitfalls there.  

Reading the bill the quick reax has to be that the National Governors Association is the big winner here, with the state education chiefs and the NEA the losers in how this all played out.  Possible implications there around No Child Left Behind reauthorization.  Big urban districts did pretty well, too.   And, looking like the even with the big numbers Dems have in the Senate, it is the fulcrum right now…

Past stimulus action through here.

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  1. This bill is better than nothing at all. At least the government is taking all possible measures to help uplift the economy. One man army is not feasible this time. Unity, cooperation and having to foresee the betterment of every citizen should be at the forefront of each legislator.

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