NCLB Naming Contest

It’s easy to run a contest when Sam Dillon is your ad man.   Be sure to get your entries for the NCLB naming contest in soon.  That Justin Cohen picture is a hot item.

30 Replies to “NCLB Naming Contest”

  1. With a hat-tip to the late Paul Goodman, my submission is:

    The Compulsory Mis-Education Act

    It is astonishing to re-read Goodman’s little 1962 book “Compulsory Mis-Education” today (and scandalous that it is out-of-print).

  2. My suggestion: Success For All Children Act

    But then act must be amended to make the whole community responsible for “pitching in” to make this happen. The schools can’t do it alone. The purpose of all standards, tests, and “consequences” must be to ensure that all children succeed in their education, not to “weed out the losers,” or to test for the sake of testing. See my commentary in Feb 25, 2009 Ed Week.

  3. The American Educational Dream Act (AEDA)

    The idea of the American Dream has been defined in various ways, but in order to obtain the American Dream education is an essential element.


    Drop kick me jesus through the goal posts of life….act

    Actually, I like the I am so bored I am going to die act better…

  5. The No More Stupid Future Presidents Act

    I mean, I hope that is our ultimate goal in this legislation. :-/

  6. 1. Spend the Money Wisely Act

    2. Help Educators Learn Patience (HELP)
    (Its taking a long time to reform American education)

    3. Core Standards for Excellence (CSEA)
    (In the hope that the current effort at the state level will continue to grow)

  7. Three new titles. The first because Obama has just given educators an enormous windfall. The second speaks for itself. The third anticipates a set of core standards bubbling up from the states sometime in the future.

  8. I think the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ should be changed to
    the ‘A Chance for Every Child Act’. Every child deserves a quality
    education which increases their chances of succeeding in life.

  9. My suggestion is:

    The Refusal to Leave Politics Behind Act, alternately known as the American Children’s Reward for Arbitrary Partisanship Act (ACRAP Act).

    Also, I propose and additional bill which would stimulate educator competence. This is based on the submission posted above:

    Help Educators Literally Learn Act (HELL)

    Why the cynicism you ask? I am merely poking fun at a seemingly ridiculous premise. After all, we should all know now understand, from the sagely words of President Obama, that even with a fresh coat of lipstick, a pig (or alternately a renamed federal education bill) is still a pig.

  10. Bulding Up Loudmouth Lazy Students (and) Helping Indoctrinate Them Act

    The acronym says it all…..

  11. Depending on the actual bill:

    “The Empire Strikes Back”


    “Return of the Jedi”

  12. Youth of the 21st Century Act. or
    Youth Act.

    We speak of a child or several children. We are speaking of our
    youth. The word youth, takes into consideration the wide range of ages we teach. Which would also include young adults.

  13. ^ (The Act formerly known as NCLB)

    And some edu-literary contributions:
    The Money and Good Intentions are Not Enough Act
    The Work Hard. Be Nice Act
    The Rising Tide of Mediocrity Act
    But clearly, there’s only one serious answer: The Reinventing Public Education Act!

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