Monday’s Odds And Ends

Per all this national standards debate, well worth revisiting something Jal Mehta wrote at New Vision in 2006.  Meanwhile, James G. Cibulka, the new President of NCATE and a thoughtful guy, has chosen AEI as a place to give a major policy address…he either has some interesting things to say or he’s launching a war?  If you follow testing there are some interesting politics over testing in Pennsylvania.  And Charlie Barone has Fordham Madlibs.

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  1. Andrew, I love your blog.

    How do you see the stimulus and Thursday’s budget affecting education in Virginia? A week ago all the education news in California was doom and gloom. Sunday’s Palo Alto Daily News has these three headlines on the front page:

    1. “District has 2 math book options — Committee to discuss elementary texts on Tuesday, may come to final decision” (now there’s the Palo Alto I remember from before the Clinton administration!);

    2. “Youth is ‘future’ of table tennis — Lily Zhang, 12, is the youngest player chosen for US women’s team”; and

    3. “Noise and traffic jams expected in renovation — School to accommodate 974 students by 2016.”

    It’s like night and day here.

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