DC Teachers’ Contract Action

Dana Goldstein writes-up the dynamics around the just released WTU/AFT counterproposal to Michelle Rhee’s proposal.  She notes that, “by the look of the public one-page summary document, it will remain difficult to reach common ground,” and from the looks of it that’s pretty spot-on.   Update:  More here from WaPo.

2 Replies to “DC Teachers’ Contract Action”

  1. Who’s got scoop on this standoff?

    Seems like union strategy is “Sit tight. No to red/green. Either Rhee will cave and do reform lite…or get frustrated, declare victory in 3 more years, and leave.”

    What’s happening with Plan B?

  2. We progressives can’t lose to Rhee. And certainly no union could captitulate to her. But accountability advocates also need to repudiate her. She has the potential to destroy but not to build. Bad accountability systems drive out the good.

    Obviously, it would be best for both camps to agree on some things that are completely positive. But the next best thing would for us to agree to fight honorably, and to repudiate the extremes. For you guys to continue to support Rhee would be like progressives continuing to support the most extreme ideas of Alfie Kohn.

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