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Over the course of a week I get hundreds of emails asking me to post things on the blog.  Sometimes they’re just vendor requests but often it’s interesting content and pitched items and op-eds that are just not a good fit for one reason or another.  But don’t just toss that stuff.  If you have things you want Eduwonk readers to see you can post them on the Facebook Page for Eduwonk, which allows any user to post content and can be more interactive that way.  It’s quietly grown into a community over there and you can use it.

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  1. The ice storm has kept us home today so I have no excuse to not venture into Facebook terriotory. I knew the day would come when I’d have to explore that world …

    But I need to make an old-fashioned comment first. Eduwonk, after the Facebook thingamagig was an hour old, you had already gotten your wife to sign up. How did you pull that off? In my experience, whenever educators talk, rational adults flee as far as possible from our obsession.

    I’m actually looking forward to signing up and exploring Facebook. Under no circumstances, however, will I get a cell phone.

    If I learn the Facebook stuff, will that make me cool? I’ve been trying to use the Obama terminology, but every time I say, “That’s the way I roll” I get hooted down.

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