Weekend Viewing

Well, since this part of the stimulus package seems quite unlikely to go anywhere, here’s a great video you can watch this weekend.  It’s Dan Willingham talking about reading and it’s not to be missed. 

Another good thing to do this weekend would be to help a DC-based youngster write an essay to enter in this contest the Obama-Biden Inaugural Committee is sponsoring.

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  1. The nation’s youngsters could help their communities by telling Washington to go swim in the Potomac. The federal government is an organization that robs and kills as a matter of daily business. It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children from this monster. Americans not politically connected are in the grips of “national service” every day, every minute- as they are forced to work to support Leviathan’s bailouts, fascist stimulus packages, hurtful welfare programs- and the bloody criminal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. Parents, do not be fooled by the pageantry, rhetoric and charisma. Teach your children.

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