Today, MLK Day, is intended to be a day of service.  Here’s national service leader Alan Khazei and David Gergen discussing the issue in USAT, and here’s Khazei on the Colbert Report discussing service.

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  1. A real charitable act requires the opportunity to make the choice to give. Khazei obfuscates this idea with his Orwellian use of “voluntary”. The truth is that Teach for America, Americorps and whatever else the bureaucrats will dream up to grab power – and hide the fact that it is all fascist make work covering the willful governmental destruction of the economy- costs money taken from working Americans in the form of governmental taxes, borrowing and inflation.

    These programs, which are really welfare pork, do make pay-outs to the ‘volunteers’- that is why there are so many applicants. Economically, these programs contribute nothing and offer a great example in what ‘opportunity costs’ are all about.

    Government was supposed to serve the people, not the other way around. But this constant ramping-up of governmental intrusion on liberty over the past 150 years has gone far enough. It is because of people like Khazei, Barack Obama and Dick Cheney -and all the involuntary servitude they represent- that the right to arms was written down. Hopefully enough Americans will have the inspiration to say: “National Service, meet the Second Amendment!”

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