Two education cases headed for the high court.  The 4th Amendment one is interesting as those issues generally are, but the special education case, basically a rerun, is potentially very consequential for both choice and special education policy.  It’s not cut and dry, and special education policy is always a balancing act, but allowing parents to act unilaterally would create some serious problems for school districts.   SCOTUS blog has more.  If the court rules in favor of the parents, expect a legislative battle to follow.

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  1. This was a very interesting post. In regards to the strip search of a 13 year old girl who was alleged to have prescription drugs on her person, I feel that there needs to be more evidence before this should have been done. At the very least, the parents should have been brought in and questioned before this was considered an option.

    On the issue of special education funding, I believe that if a school district is unable to provide quality services and the parents move their child to a private school, then the funds should follow the student. Private schools as a whole need this funding to help provide the quality services that these students are sometime in need of.

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