Gettin’ Your Barr On!

Out in LA it’s clear A.J. Duffy has been learning from the Green Dot example…”tear down this bureaucracy”… that’s some good theater!

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  1. So, will you be joing us in the protest?

    Seriously, advocates of accountability should support us on this. Bad testing drives out good. If you really value blood pressure tests (and we all should) you don’t down a number of blood pressure pills before being tested.

    I’m curious about your take on Robert Manwaring’s post. Surely we’ll agree on waivers on the supplement not supplant language. To not do so would be political and educational suicide. But this is also an opportunity. I really do appreciate the energy that “reformers” brought to education, but now we really need “team players.” compromise shouldn’t be seen as something that we have to grudgingly do. Besides, the union specilaizes in problem solving. If they work with us, the new generation of reformers might realize that they would gain more from learning from our experience than they give up in the dealmaking.

    I better shut up before I seem to sound like a political pro, as opposed to a minor league activist. So I’ll stick with what I/we know. Now is the time to agree that we’ve got more testing than we can afford.

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