College Costs…

Now is the time to launch that advocacy group for 5th-year seniors you’ve been contemplating…

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  1. I currently reside in Florida and tuition costs for community colleges have doubled within the last five years. I was reading a NEA magazine for educators and the cost for college is out of reach for working and middle class families. The average cost of a a four your degree is over 50,000, and that does not include books or other fees that may accrue. The college prepaid program would be the best investment for children to attend college. this is a program that allows parents to make monthly payments towards their children’s college fund. If you need more information regarding the Florida Prepaid College Program visit the on the web.

  2. Melissa~ As a recent graduate I was surprised at the price college went up as I went through school. I currently working on my Masters and watching my little brother struggle to understand the cost of his undergraduate program. It’s really hard to keep him motivated to stay in school when the only way for him to do it is take out more loans. I also read the article you are refering to in the NEA magazine, I hope that as we start a new presidental term things start looking up for our kids. I’m not sure if Ohio has a program similar to floridas or not but for some it would be helpful. Another great way to save for your childrens college is a 504 plan if they are still young. These are started through your local bank so you can inquire there.

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