Odds And Ends

You can see Mike Petrilli and me on The News Hour discussing the education landscape Secretary-designate Duncan is looking at.  And yes, on TV I often look like I’m being held hostage or am really mad.   I guess in a way the former is true, but not the latter.  Radio is a better medium for me.  So that’s why this audio version is the way to go….

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  1. You can not reform an entity of wich you have no comprehension. I choose to work in a “low performing school.” The mandates handed down by people far removed from the classroom in the name of “program improvemt” have exasperated the problems of this school exponentially. Put the power of the purse directly in the hands of those who have the most contact with student (their teachers) instead of those who are farthest removed from them and then you will see real improvements.

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