It’s Working!

The not-yet-passed stimulus bill is already creating jobs in our field.

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  1. Where is the government getting the means to stimulate? Its policy of inflation only waters down the value of the dollar- a massive tax on those that cannot adjust quick enough- and places money where the mass of people do not want it to be: without their consent and, as is mostly the case today, without their knowledge. The potential for high unemployment as well as rising prices looms large. Or, at least, the inflation, the increase of the money supply by the Fed, will create a Mussolini kind of high employment, a kind of fake economy with a decrease in the standard of living.

    When the special interests, entities attached to the Federal Reserve or congressional bailouts, get their way it is at the expense of the American people as a whole. It rewards the destructive parts of the economy. These anti-capitalist acts only cause more problems that no legislation or appropriation or war-time measure can fix.

    But since public schools have, on balance, taught that 1) capitalism is bad, 2) Hoover was a capitalist, 3) FDR saved us from ruin, and 4) WWII got us out of the Depression, the mass of people generally accept the current poisonous moves by our leaders. This failure to expose the truth is not a failure when seen through the eyes of government. The mythology supports government power.

    Government stimulates resource misallocation and destruction of quality of life. Please Google “The Broken Window Fallacy” and/or “Frederic Bastiat” if none of what I wrote makes sense to you. That the government destroyed the economy it is supposed to fix remains a foreign and curious idea to most, sadly.

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