It’s good to see that the Detroit Public Schools and Michigan lawmakers are internalizing the lessons of what is happening next door in the auto industry.

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  1. Amen! Special interests keep the corrupt system going as Detroit erodes. At some point the parasites will have nothing left to devour. Or will Congress give them more power to infest and destroy? Of course they will.

    Now, it is well understood that public school systems are large bastions of privilege due to taxation, unions and other political means. It is also well known that the system is, in part, perpetuated by a humanitarian ideology that does not consider or seem to care about the problems of trying to effect “good” via compulsion and involuntary servitude.

    What is not so apparent to the great unwashed is that big business is often the biggest advocate of government welfare and socialist/interventionist schemes. A business that can insulate itself from competition will tend to do so. Detroit Auto likes cartelization, bailouts, tariffs on imports and other protectionist policies.

    Like public schools, industries that do not have to compete produce lesser quality products for more costs. Protection X, subsidy A or special dispensation D will be fought for by big business, big union, and big humanitarian ideas using propaganda about saving the children, saving jobs, teaching democracy and saving America. But the exact opposite happens when they get their way. The price is a societal destruction that government foments because economic law cannot be repealed, statistically obfuscated, tweaked or subsidized away.

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