Happy Don Shalvey Day!

The City Council of Philadelphia has declared tomorrow, November 12th, “Don Shalvey Day.”   Shalvey, a lifelong public educator, is most recently the founder of Aspire Public Schools.    Don is a native of Philly (he was even Philadelphia ‘Boy of the Year’ in ’61…) before the lure of California living proved too much.  But tomorrow he’s back in town for the New Schools Venture Fund Community of Practice Meeting and the council wanted to recognize that…so tomorrow please have a happy Don Shalvey Day, especially if you’re in Philly…

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  1. My understanding is that the proclamation comes with the following rights and privileges: one, all guys named Don who founded a charter school drink for free in Philadelphia for 24 hours. All guys named Don who founded a charter school are immune from arrest and not held accountable for their conduct for as long as they are standing, walking, or are propped up by friends and/or relations by order of the city council.

  2. I once thought you’ve truly “made it” in life when you own a boat that also has a boat on it…but now I know you’ve made it when a major US city names a Day in your honor! Congratulations Don! You make us all proud!

  3. More details for the viewers at home – Don celebrated the end of his day in Philly with a vintage Don Shalvey – guess what’s on my ipod – songfest. Congrats Don!

  4. Back in 2000, Don Shalvey was the first educator I ever saw lauded for innovation on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

    So, what’s on his ipod? “Be True to Your Charter School?”

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