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If you want to hear what a bunch of left, right, and center white guys think about No Child Left Behind, there is a conversation about it over at NewTalk. I’ll blog over there a bit today.  You can also start with the most recent posts via this link.   It’s a good discussion.

And, Tom Vander Ark, late of Gates, recent of the VC world and now a Huffie offers his No Child thoughts and his ideas about what’s next, or he thinks should be.

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  1. Speaking of Vander Ark – can someone please tell me why Bill Gates keeps hiring superintendents to run his education program? The same guy who says the system is obselete – hires people who got their stripes working in that obsolete system? Where’s the innovation?

    It’s like saying horse and buggies are obsolete, so I’m going to hire a buggy maker to retool the industry. Nice.

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