2 Replies to “What’s Next?”

  1. I’m not working in a political campaign. I am a conservative Christian, but I will vote for Obama. He has run a brilliant campaign which I hope is indicative of the way he’d manage our nation. McCain’s campaign has been sloppy, erratic, with a murky version of Bush economics. Since he seems to know little except war, all McCain can do is savagely attack and libel Obama.

    Also, McCain has an extremely immoral personal past. Cindy, his wife, confessed to drug addiction and theft of drugs. There’s Palins‘s pregnant, teenage, unmarried daughter,Bristol. If McCain wins, can you imagine the tabloid headlines? Constant jokes about Sarah Palin’s lack of knowledge. Questions about McCain’s adulteries. Will Cindy be back on drugs? Will the 18 year old shotgun groom stay with Bristol? What a terrible example for young people.

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