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Big thanks to Elizabeth for sitting in the past few days while I was away.   I’m sure I speak for most readers when I say that it’s great that she’s landing in our space for her next gig.  

Clay Risen’s Michelle Rhee profile is now out in The Atlantic.   Clay really delivers in vivid form.    Don’t care about Rhee?  Bonus reason to read buried in there:  From Emerson to Fish Porn…

The new issue of AFT’s American Educator is also out.   Takes a look at Richmond, VA and reading.  African-American students in Richmond actually do better in language arts than their counterparts in some more affluent parts of Virginia.  That’s (a) not something you’re going to know without real transparency (b) something that won’t change without real accountability and (c) a reminder that it’s almost as though what schools do matters…

Here’s an interesting article on teaching that came across my desk.  Thanks to reader JL for flagging it.  Education renaissance man Robert Gordon turns in an important paper on Title I funding and compliance for the Center on American Progress (pdf).   And former Senator (and doctor) Bill Frist takes a look at education and health.  You’ll likely be hearing more from him in the eduspace.     And, if you’re into ed tech, you don’t want to miss this conference in Washington. 

Final Reading First implementation eval report is now out (pdf).  Surprised more isn’t being made of this, it’s not all bad. 

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