More Tuskegee On The Hudson?

When this crazy idea of using actual data to try to learn more about teacher performance first surfaced in New York City we were told the sky was falling.  It was like Tuskegee all over again we were told!  Now, via The Times today we learn how modest the actual effort really is – in fact one could argue too much so! Nut graf:

To avoid a contentious fight with the teachers’ union, the New York City Department of Education has agreed not to make public the reports — which described teachers as average, below average or above average with various types of students — nor let them influence formal job evaluations, pay and promotions.

Kevin Carey is still worth reading on all this.

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  1. If you’re gonna get hammered anyway by opponents of any sort of measuring teacher performance, why do such a wussy version? You absorb the downside and create miniscule upside.

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